A girl with a loose vagina and she is considered a whore. And she has a loose vagina because she sleeps around a lot, and that's why she's considered a whore.
She's slept with, like, the entire team, she's a wasty.
by SuperAwesomeChick:3 February 18, 2013
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when I say whiskey, you say hands.


by kykykyky September 1, 2008
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variation on wasted, see also crunked, drunk, high, etc
Aw man. Last night I was so wasties I threw up over the balcony of his appartment.
by girlofdestiny January 23, 2005
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An insult for an idiot, meaning that he/she is just a waste of oxygen.
Girl: Can I buy Facebook on Walmart?
Guy: You're a wastie.
by jumbotron. June 19, 2014
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A synonym for an alcoholic beverage, libation, cocktail, etc. All beer, liquor, and wine can qualify as a "tasty wastie"
After an afternoon of tasty wasties, Maria dropped several F and N bombs at her in-law's house. Needless to say she hasn't been invited back.
by Ccccrrrreeeddditttt July 1, 2011
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face transfiguration resulting from mass consumption of booze
she definitely took advantage of the fact that you were drunk and wastie face
by deadlatte January 4, 2008
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when you or someone else has consumed large amounts of alcohol and precedes to have making out with anything with a pair of lips his/her goal
"Man check out that girl over there she's getting all wasty tasty on that crowd"
by ALI Bmoney January 18, 2010
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