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Noun- The ailment from which a politician suffers from being in Washington too long, and has a result, lost touch with his constituents.

A politician with washingtonitis usually raises massive amounts of money from special interest groups (i.e. Political Action Committees ((PACs)) Big Banks, Real Estate, Financial Investment groups and Corporations). In return for their monetary support the politicians support and lobby for the benefit of their patrons and usually override voters of the people the District. Often these are in Districts where there is little or no opposition. Thus there is nothing to incite an incumbent to do anything for the benefit of his District. See Eric Cantor, John Boehner and Michelle Bachmann
INGRAHAM: ... because this -- because of this. Because the things -- some of the things that you've said -- and they're not all negative, but some of the comments you've made about the Tea Party movement: it's good as the grass roots movement, which I agree. And then you also said, but not -- as a caucus, might not be that helpful.

And then, you know, your -- I think your comment, maybe it was last year about Rush Limbaugh wanting the president to fail. And people get a little worried that...


INGRAHAM: ... you know, even Eric Cantor can get caught up in the Washingtonitis, that's all.
by snagglepuss1614 August 30, 2010
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