A Gud is a strange sister who’s a bit of a pain in the butt. She will always force down your throat the three years and eight days she had on the earth before you. A Gud is someone who will drop a bowl of cereal on your head and trick her seven year old little sister into thinking there’s an evil witch in a well with crows as spies. Over all though a Gud is a good sister to have and you should always love them forever.
by RedCrayon July 02, 2019
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Someone you meet who's marriage material except that live light-years away from you. They are Geographically Undesirable. GUD, GUDS
Pronounced- (G·UH·D as in mud)
I met this amazing chick on the cruise....Turns out she's from Guam. I always fall for the GUD chicks.

You ain't lying broseph, I met plenty of GUDS while stationed abroad in the military.
by Fuzzwhip November 06, 2020
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Arii using hacks via her personal get gud hack client
by jeboiiime February 15, 2020
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incompetent little gremlin bug that thinks of themselves as a god among everyone else
zote is a gud boi
by CMister_the_beeg_brain July 05, 2020
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Fucking a girl a little forcibly,when she is not in a mood,but you fuck her.

'Hey Lali where's Mr.Gill'
'He's busy gudding his new girl.'
Guddings is quite popular in urban Punjab in India
by Gugu Gill February 12, 2008
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