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A book series about feral cats by Erin Hunter via Harper Collins Publishers.

The first book, Into The Wild, was published in 2003, and the series continues to this day. In these books you can explore the adventures, hardships, etc. in Clan cat life.
Me: Have you ever read Warrior Cats?
Friend: The heck is that?
Me: You’re not my friend anymore.
by freewifim8 December 26, 2017
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Wild cats from the book series Warriors written by Erin Hunter. It features Clans of wild cats that live by the ways of their Warrior ancestors. We see the world through the eyes of Warriors as they go through the difficulties of natural disasters and betrayal from within.
I'm reading about Warrior cats.

Erin Hunter has written about Warrior cats.
by Natureboy3 April 05, 2010
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Cats that follow the Warrior Code & path of StarClan. Train to be Warriors & win the respect of their clan mates which is not by killing.
Icemask thought killing other fellow warrior cat (s) was the answer & steeling riverclan but he got banned
by BlueMoonEvil August 08, 2008
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A book series about cats living in the wild, during the thirteen million books there are instances of merder, child abuse, child abandonment, incest, child predators, cats talking or interacting with dead cats that reside in literal cat hell, mass genocide, natural desasters driving cats out of their home, cats and even children starving to death, cats getting their faces ripped off by dogs and somehow surviving and having to live their life as the hunch back of notredam, cats drowning, cats getting ripped to shreds by rats other cats dogs and badgers, and during these books you will read the entire first series and get attached to cats only for them to die then the wrighters forget they died and they are somehow unharmed in the next book. And sometimes you don't even care about cats because they literaly did not matter and just served as a background cat then they will kill them of and spend half a chapter acting as if you are suposed to care.
by Lazy pikachu November 16, 2017
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