A clan in warrior cats that is located in the forest. Has the most protagonists.
Thunderclan is a large group.
by Mossear April 17, 2020
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A private group devoted to worshipping and avoiding the wrath of Thundertits. Represented by a symbols such as the lightning bolt, and a secret handshake. Led by some cool people - speak to a leader for membership details.
Look, they're part of the Thunderclan!

Can I join the Thunderclan?

Only the cool kids get to join the Thunderclan.
by innocent overachiever December 21, 2011
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Thunderclan is one of the 5 clans by the lake in the series Warriors by Erin Hunter. Most of the Protagonists in the books come from Thunderclan. It's most well known leader is Firestar, who came to the clan as a kittypet while Bluestar was the leader. He fulfilled the prophecy that Fire will save the clan. Thunderclan warriors are most skilled in hunting on the forest floor. They dislike getting their fur wet, unlike Riverclan.
Firestar is the greatest leader of Thunderclan to live, although Bramblestar was a great successor.
by dumb mewtwo January 04, 2021
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