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Wild cats from the book series Warriors written by Erin Hunter. It features Clans of wild cats that live by the ways of their Warrior ancestors. We see the world through the eyes of Warriors as they go through the difficulties of natural disasters and betrayal from within.
I'm reading about Warrior cats.

Erin Hunter has written about Warrior cats.
by Natureboy3 April 05, 2010

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A character in Resident Evil 4 that has a potatoe sack covering his face and weilds a chainsaw. Much tougher then the regular enemies, his body doesn't dissolve when you kill him, and is capable of decapitating the main character, Leon, in one blow.

If you do kill him, he either drops 10,000 pesetas or a ruby equal to that volume.
Dr. Salvador is much easier when you can blast him with a shotgun.
by Natureboy3 April 06, 2010

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The Japenese-American owner of the Kendo Gun Shop adjacent to the police station in the video game Resident Evil 2.

When Leon Kennedy, a main protaganist throughout the Resident Evil series, enters the gun shop, Robert is attacked by zombies. Leon attempts to save Robert, but is unsuccessful and Robert is killed.

In the original version of the game, Robert is shown holding a shotgun. The zombies break through a display window and jump on him before he is able to react. If Leon kills the zombies, he can take the shotgun off his dead body.

In the on-rails shooter Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, Robert is heard yelling "Die, Goddamnit!" while Leon and Claire (another protaganist) are outside the shop. When they rush inside, Robert is lying weaponless on the floor as a zombie takes bites out of his chest. He reaches weakly out at Leon before going limp. After killing the zombie, Leon asks Robert if he is ok before realising he is dead. There are no weapons in the shop, just some ammo, grenades, and a first aid spray.

On his character profile for Darkside Chronicles, it is stated that Robert freely gave weapons away to defenders and therefore were no weapons left in the shop to defend himself with.
You would think that a gun shop owner like Robert Kendo would be able to survive a zombie outbreak.
by Natureboy3 April 06, 2010

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Short for Fucking hot.
Hey, have you seen the new girl? She's so fhot.
by Natureboy3 May 06, 2010

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A term for someone who has been browsing Urban Dictionary for a period of time and has zoned out so they are completely unaware of everything around them.
I didn't hear the debate, because I was Urbanated.

Sorry, I didn't hear you. I was going into Urbanation.
by Natureboy3 April 08, 2010

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A short story by Guy De Maupassant where two men slaughter a donkey and then con another man into buying it.
But the donkey, tired out, had stopped and with a bewildered look, watched his murderes approach.
by Natureboy3 April 06, 2010

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A large insect with a six-foot wingspan, appears to be a cross between a wasp and a dragonfly. Capable of spitting a powerful corrosive acid from its eyes, which it then uses to digest the prey and cleaning out said eyeballs. The Geeefly lives in the Amazon Rainforest and there are numerous recorded attacks on humans. Several were fatal.
The Geeefly projected the acid onto the man, who then went into convulsens and was rapidly consumed.
by Natureboy3 April 05, 2010

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