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The act of having menstrual blood smeared across ones face
"I was licking my girl out, and she started warpainting me"
by summer6 October 28, 2008
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The act of your partner wacking you off, then you stick one of your fingers into your partner's asshole. Then you take it out with the shit still on there. Then you smear the shit under their eyes, and blow your wad on their forehead.
DUDE! CINDY FUCKIN DOMINATED JOE! SHE WAR PAINTED HIM! You dumbass, only guys can warpaint fag. UM DER UH.................... NO!
by Bloodhound34 December 24, 2003
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When you perform oral sex on a lady who is on her period. You finish and then look in the mirror to find you have blood smeared on your face. You resemble a warrior of ancient times who smeared blood on his face before battle.
Guy 1 - I went down on my girlfriend last night. Afterwards i realised i had blood all over my face.
Guy 2 - Aaaah you been Warpainting.
by Dan Spalke December 05, 2013
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