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Opposite of Cold-Blooded. Nice, friendly and understanding.
Hey Gamster, thank you for donating all those toys to the charity; that was real Warm-Blooded of you!
by Topher LP December 6, 2019
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noun - a type of murder where killing was nessecary, and done for the good of everyone, not your own hatred or desires. Less animalistic than most murders.
Little Timmy: "I don't know why, but everyone wanted Larry dead, and I was the only one with a gun. So I shot him."
Ugiene: "thats warm blooded leet monster."
Kyle: "Press 555 if you like me!!!!!!1111"
by Can Not June 6, 2005
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a whore who wears little or no clothing.
At nighttime on the corner of 4th and 5th, there was a creature who appeared to have no pants nor a shirt, but had high heels and a purse. I wasn't sure if it was a man or woman(it was dark)it approached me very slowly, and behind "it", came out more of itself.Then I was scared and screamed out....WARM-BLOODED WHORES!!!!!!!!!that's all
by jajarule May 14, 2007
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A crime committed, not from passion exactly, yet with some slight degree of feeling.
She was said to have murdered him in warm blood, not that she really cared whether he was sleeping with her best friend, but it irritated her to learn about it on Facebook.
by Monkey's Dad March 7, 2020
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To be a warm as a living person; see tepid, lukewarm, or milk-warm.
Add one cup of blood warm water to your dry ingredients.
by BubbleGumBabe January 31, 2020
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