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An unbelievably stupid and incompetent crybaby in life.
Wow man, he's crying so hard, you'd think he's a Warcries!
Maybe he is, bro.
by Sarfnic June 03, 2021

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An extremely offensive word for only the megaest of crybabies. He's no ordinary person, he's a "warcries".
Dude stop being such a Warcries! It's not cool at all!
I thought Liam was cool but he's Warcrying right now.
by Sarfnic December 04, 2020

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The even better version of a Sam. Remember to always put extra emphasis on the A. They're a stronger sam!
Sam, stop being such a Saam! It's too overpowered!
by Sarfnic October 24, 2020

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