A derogatory term sometimes used to describe non-military individuals who make money off the periphery of war. Often used to describe civilian contractors, private arms dealers, black marketeers and/or shoddy journalists.
"There are soldiers who risk their lives everyday to keep our country safe and then there are War Dogs-- individuals who bottom feed off the business of war for the sole reason of making a profit."
by MilitaryMike February 16, 2016
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A political and/or military person who's immorally eager to encourage a people or nation to go to war.

plural form

War Dogs
by MikeKal July 25, 2009
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Man, Paul got hammered yesterday and woke up next to this war dog.
by J. Dorton March 11, 2008
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One who thrives off of chaos
Man that guys a fucking War dog when it comes to business
by The baller14 August 26, 2022
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