Wapo is a short term for "guapo" which means handsome man or handsome boy.
1. That boy is wapo
2. Thanks wapo (thanks handsome)
by Flowls October 25, 2016
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Short for water polo. WAter POlo. Also known as wopo.
Hey man, I'll see you later I have wapo practice.
by wopobro November 9, 2011
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a slang word for "wapanese".
Wapanese people, or Wapos, can be anyone who is NOT from Japan, and for some odd reason has a strange obsession with this island. many of these people may be in their early teens, trying to "find" them self, or they may be 40 year olds who still have never gotten laid.

Some say The origin of the word "Wapo" may come from putting the words "white", "japanese", and "psycho" all in one whole word.

You may be a Wapo, if this is how you describe yourself:

1. you watch anime at least 6 hours each day.

2. You have made an AMV YouTube video.

3. you've tried to speak Japanese through WATCHING anime, but the only words you can actually comprehend are "baka", "hai", "Ittakimasu", "Watashi", and "kawaii". you then give up on learning Japanese about a week or so later.

4. You stalk asian girls(sometimes boys), just to smell their "oriental" aroma.

5. You've pretended to be at least 25% Japanese.

6. You want to marry Naruto one day, no matter what gender you are, or no matter how much of a fictional character he is.

7. you make it your goal to move to Japan, even if the Japanese hate foreigners of their country.
Wapo-Boy: HI, Derek-Chan! how are YOU doing today?! darrrr... I LOVE your Abercrombie shirt! it's SO kawaii! i always get so nervous around you, Derek-Chan! We should watch some Yaoi together!

Derek: eww you sick wapo! get AWAY from me!

Wapo-Boy: You baka!!!

Derek: umm...ok...SHRINKLE DICK!

by chad5161 March 2, 2008
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A blend of the words "Woke" and "Kapo".

Token extremist "liberal" Jews who are radically anti-zionist. These Jews constitute a small minority within the Jewish community and, due to their deep-rooted internalized antisemitism, fail to genuinely reflect Jewish values.
"I am not a self-hating Jew; I simply believe it would be ethically responsible if Jews allowed themselves to be exterminated. #alternative #woke"

"Wowwwww, you're a Wapo..."
by Self loving Jew October 24, 2023
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A way for drunk or high people to find things when their vision is blurred. Echo Location.
Dude. Where is everyone? Wapo wapo wapo wapo wapo. Oh there you are.
by Someone4124215435 January 12, 2009
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Referenced in the 2008 movie, Mamma Mia, by Donna and the Dynamos: "Dynamos! Dynamites! Sleep all day, and wapoo all night!"
by laceylulu September 4, 2012
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“Yo Bobby, remember when pigeon trusted the FBI and worshiped Comey from his knees?” “Yeah man, what a WAPOS!”
by Uclajst21 January 31, 2019
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