1 (adj) To be stoned, drunk or crossfaded

2 (v) To be dick slapped
1. "That guy is so wanged right now"

2. "You just got wanged motha fucka!!!!"
by KCLOL October 13, 2009
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To have had ones website trampled to death by legions of www.penny-arcade.com readers.
by Tim December 12, 2003
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a word tossed around lightly with many meanings:
1. can be used in replacement of fucked; screwed
2. to explain that something wrecked you

Verb Form
3. can be used to describe a destructive action usually resulting from anger
1. Yasmeen: "I am wanged for my speech tomorrow"
Smoove E: "sorry to hear that but you suck at public speaking you are definitely wanged"

2. "that test wanged me hard"

3. Chase: "Will you please shut up and be quiet or else I am going to wang you"
by carlitosmatitos December 5, 2011
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When ones employment is terminated in a manner that is simultaneously acrimonious and hilarious.

This term entered the Australian lexicon in recent times. It is becoming used more and more in workplaces around the country.
Person 1: You hear the news? Michael doesnt work here anymore.

Person 2: What?!..cant believe he got wanged.

Person 1: Wanged????

Person 2: **explains meaning of wanged to person 1**

Person 1: haha, good one..here have a lolly.
by epic_pigeon September 28, 2012
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To hit in a manner causing pain, esp to elbows, knees and head.
Man your ceiling is low, I just wanged my head.
by Phatwill June 3, 2005
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Cockblocked, especially by a person named Wanger.
We were talking to these two chicks at the bar when Ben came up and Wanged us.
by bedaze12 July 20, 2010
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a nickname for an awesome person, usually chinese
me: hey wang wang
other: hey dude whats up bob?
by Jorgetheawesomeone March 1, 2011
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