A half erected, half cocked...cock. Usually appear in gym class, around semi attractive women, and rooms with slutty late-nite TXT commercials playing. A hybrid (if this is the right time for such a word) of a normal wang and your average boner. Alas! The wanger is born!
Ex. 1 :
Joey: Dude, I just saw Kelly wearing those short gym shorts and I got a wanger.
Chris: Why didn't you get a full boner?
Joey: I noticed she keeps missing some spots where she shaves her thighs...=(
*wanger fades*

Ex. 2:
Chris: I was flippin' through channels last night and one of those TXT SNIZZ commercials came on and gave me a wanger.
Joey: Really? Why not a full boner?
Chris: After the commercial, I noticed I stopped on Golden Girls and that killed it right away...=(
by freqazoid February 16, 2008
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A slow delivery in the game of cricket, first developed by the nomads and fine tuned by a yorkshire premier bowler.
Not to be confused with the reverse wanger, which is still being developed.
Fred was bowled a wanger by Matty. He wanged him good and proper.
by Wanger specialist August 06, 2009
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Womens Breasts - usually of the larger variety
Leanne said: 'No one has wangers like mine!'
by Scoper July 25, 2005
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