A "wang wang" is a male's penis. This word is used around females that dont understand this word.
Nick that girl hittin on you she must want yo wang wang.
by Mr.Pimp May 30, 2005
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Any food that has gone bad/spoiled and has an offensive odor. Especially raw chicken, fish, mayonaise, etc. Could also refer to clothes left in the washer way too long.
Grandmother: "Something smells rotten in the fridge. I believe the chicken has gone wang wang. Sniff that fish and see if it smells wang wang."
Toby: "My shirt smells wang wang. How long did it stay in the washer?"
by short stick April 13, 2009
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a) A very common Chinese surname
b) An ancient brand of computer systems
b) Penis, see dong, schlong, dork, johnson, cock, prick, dick
Ad placed in the papers by a computer seller in the 80's:
by Hugh G Rection September 16, 2003
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a person’s rear end; the gluteus maximus
specifically used when you slap another person’s butt.

never to be used in front of adults.
synonym for tushy/tush
Me and my homies slap each other’s wang wangs sometimes.
by faxspitter445 December 20, 2020
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1 (adj) To be stoned, drunk or crossfaded

2 (v) To be dick slapped
1. "That guy is so wanged right now"

2. "You just got wanged motha fucka!!!!"
by KCLOL October 13, 2009
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