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Wal.ted (wol’ded) adjective or adverb

1. When a normal mild mannered person or living creature changes from being victimized and transforms into the predator.
2. A permanent absence of fear caused by events that have become unbearable.

3. From the root word 'wild'.
4. A permanent and irreversible state of wildness.
5. Actively deciding to stop being afraid and begin instigating confrontation.
6. Comparable and taken from the transformation of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) from high school chemistry teacher into methamphetamine drug dealing kingpin. from the television series 'Breaking Bad'
7. Realizing that intelligence defeats intimidation and applying it regardless of the cost or perceived danger.
These cats of mine have become walted. They have become so wild they are uncontrollable.
by DoNotWatch Inc. May 26, 2015
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