The famous saying from the man himself waluigi
Other Dylan-“wah”
by Yet us mc yeet April 8, 2019
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I never knew there was such a word!
by ---- March 3, 2003
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Slang for 'what' especially in Antiguan and Jamaican dialects. Sometimes used to show disrespect or surprise.
Wah yu want?

Peter, ah whey yu?
by AntiguanMan November 28, 2012
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An expression or verb used when someone has been owned
"dude I totally wah'ed on jack today when I disproved his theory":person 1
"oh wah":person 2
by blahla March 6, 2008
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Something really cool, or something really sick.
Wah, that's wah.
by Menger October 17, 2003
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