An exclamation, indicating misfortune of another person. Might be used in the same way as "unlucky."
"My bus was late this morning." "Wah."
"I spilt my drink all over me!" "Haha, Wah!"
by Angua September 13, 2007
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A word used to describe any emotion. Used with different tones of speech.
-I’m feeling a bit wah today.
-I hope you feel WAH tomorrow.
by Egorlgru November 1, 2019
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Another term for Irish Knacker, nack, scumbag, scobe. Wahs congregate at street corners or in Arthurs Quay park. Native to Limerick City, wahs wear tracksuits, often carry knives ("My friend Stanley"), and cause general disruption at any given oppourtunity.
Watch the get-up of that scobey wah, with his friend stanley.
by cko October 21, 2003
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in the U.S. Navy a phrase used to express mock sympathy, basically meaning "too bad" or "poor baby" (in a sarcastic way). Also known as "wah-fucking-wah".
George: Can I borrow some money for lunch today? Over the weekend I got blitzed and bought sex with a skank. Now I got no cash to pay off my credit card bill.

Joey: Wah!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 15, 2006
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Noun or adjective, a code word referring an attractive female, see hot.
Whoa, have you seen Ariel? She is really wah!
by TNTMan93 December 23, 2013
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A party game. Everyone playing the game starts off in a circle. One person starts off by raising their hands in the air like a tree and scram "WAH!". The people on his/her sides must then chop down the tree and scream "WAH!" at the same time after the tree screams "WAH!" The tree then falls down and points their hands toward someone else who then becomes the tree, again, screaming "WAH!". The cycle repeats until someone messes up by not realizing that they are the tree, chopping down the tree later than the other person, or if they scream "WAH!" at the same time that the tree screams it. The game ends when there are two players remaining. The game is best played in large groups of people, with the game going at such a fast speed that there is a constant stream of "WAH's!"
After playing Wah, my voice was shot, but I definitely won the game by paying attention to the Wah's.
by Joo Got Pwn3d December 21, 2009
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exclamation to show ones delight at someone elses misfortune. useful when someone sips over, or has some other comedy accident.
"beth just fell on her arse in front of everyone - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
by Uncle Phil July 19, 2003
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