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Lit. "What A Fucking Liberty"

Usually used as an expression of how the actions of someone can be seen to be quite aside from what is expected in a civilised society.

The whole phrase can be used when applicable, but when in more sensitive company (grandmothers, etc) the term "Wafl" will suffice. Also used when to say the whole phrase would take too much time.
Person 1: "Yeah I'm going to Belgium tonight but gotta pick up some sarnies for my wife and kids"

Person 2: Haven't you got work today? Why can't your wife pick them up?

Person 1: Says she's hurt her back

Person 2: Wafl man. Wafl.

Person 1: Yeah, wafl.
by Jimlad50 June 13, 2008
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(or WAFL in instant messages) - Denotes "what a f*cking loser".
Johnny5: I am the best. I totally rule!
Sandra: jeez, not too humble eh?
Sam3 (privately to Sandra): WAFL
by Joel Parent November 10, 2003
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Did you know that W.A.F.L, is the governing body of Australian Football in the state of West Australia?

"Billy is that guy who plays football in the W.A.F.L.". "Wow, what a f*cking loser'? "No West Australian Football League".
by PTSD July 04, 2006
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Acronym for "What a Fucking Legend".
A collective noun first popularised in the South of Australia. There are strong references to one's ability to drink in excess as part of a hazing process. Also, a commonly used term for any rock-and-roll musician.
Anyone singing along to Phil Collins whilst drinking Jim Beam should be coined as a "WAFL".
by Osi Umenyiora January 23, 2011
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WAFL is an acronym much like ROFL; "what a fucking loser" is its full term. The phrase "rofl my wafl", which i had first made up in an IM, is a parody phrase.
"rofl my wafl"
"dude, wafl, you stole my GF!"
by Erik H. Rasmussen March 14, 2004
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WAFL. Pronounced, "waffle." An acronym that I putted together around late September of 2007 when I thought of shortening "What a freaking loser." Apparently, the letter "f" is interpreted as another word (you know what curse word I mean) by a lot of people, so it could be considered inappropriate for school/classroom use. Although, my friends and I mostly just use the word as a substitute for "loser" most of the time.
"You guys are so WAFL."

"You're such a WAFL."
by Richard A.G.B. August 09, 2008
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Similar to LOL but has more props if used in the correct context. This shorthand Slur basically stands for ?What a F***ing Legend? this phrase is to be used rarely and not peppered in an msn conversation by two little shrimps.
Ryan; oi fatty
Josh; yeah
Ryan; did you see me shank that mugg between the eyes he was bacon.
Josh; W.A.F.L
by sl4 redrum June 12, 2007
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