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A game with dozens of rules, played in a pool. The object of the game is to make the waffle ball(usually a soccer ball) hit the rim of either of the two sides of the pool scoring one point for the throwers team. The catch is you have to be jumping into the pool grab the ball then release, if you grab the ball on the edge of the pool and hit the rim of the pool no points are awarded. Also the ball can hit the ladder posts causing two points. The best way to score is going in between the ladder post in doing so the throwers team receives five points. It is probably the best summer time sport, hands down.
man did you see that sick behind the back bouncer shot go through the ladder posts? that shit was the best Waffle-Ball throw I've ever seen.
by brooksayyyyy August 03, 2011
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When you get kicked in the balls so hard that it leaves the imprint from the shoe.
Willie Black was being such a deuce that Shawn kicked him in the balls and gave him Waffle Balls.
by The Judi Show July 16, 2016
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