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"Write Shit Down". A popular method of organization. Works equally well in one's personal or professional life.
Dude, you don't need ritalin. Just use the WSD method - trust me, you won't forget things anymore and you'll actually get them done!
by Broman in NY July 27, 2007
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Work, shower, drink. The alternative for those who do not GTL (Gym. Tan. Laundry.) because partying is better.
All I do in the summer is WSD.
by Sec. of Transportation September 14, 2010
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buy the domain for your foodie site
"Will Suck Dick"
Expressing particular want for something that someone else can get for you
WSD for a large fry and coke
by Gabriel F March 25, 2008
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White She Devil
A famous despo very well known in Soulseek, she was an user of The Porn Room among others asking for attention almost 24/7.
Suddenly she vanished to appear a year later telling she was going to marry a soulseek m8.
She was the kind of girl all male despos were looking for.
Sometimes being an attentionwhore can do the job.
dude 1 Where is WSD?
dude 2 might be on siber wif crackalack.
Dude 1 lmao she's such a despo, she was begging me on MSN
dude 2 u 2?
by teahead February 26, 2008
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