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taking a cheeky break during a long day at work by having five or ten minutes sat on the throne doing nothing..
or possibly a one minute power pooh followed by nine minutes of just sitting and relaxing..
Roger: I'm knackered man.. been on my feet for two hours now.
Bill: nip for a shit down mate, you've deserved it.
Roger: yeah, good call. back in ten.
by long jon donger December 18, 2010
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shitdown shit-douhn
- noun

Virtually known as a piece of shit electronic's last dying beep. Any device could be symptomatic if it is beyond all fucking repair.

shit down
- transitive verb

To experience utter farking failure in an electronic apparatus.
Omgawd my computer totally just experienced a massive shitdown, fuck a bitch!

My piece of shit Mitsubishi just shit down in a Hooters parking lot. If it had done so next to a Taco Cabana, all of the parts would've been stolen and I wouldn't have had to pay to have it towed to a fucking junkyard!
by dgills June 01, 2010
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the action of sitting and shitting combined
as you sit down on the toilet you are also in the process of pooping

past tense- Shat down
present tense- shitting down
Mary had the runs all day so she ran to the bathroom and proceded to shit down.

Dude that Waffle house ran right through me last night...I totally shat down on the toilet.
by tkbomb9000 April 04, 2009
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An unexpected termination of software or hardware.
- "Did you shut down the server?"
- "No dude, it was a shit down again. We gotta get that fixed"
by dumpster2 August 19, 2007
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When you bare your ass and sit down after being told to SIT DOWN by a Korean professor who struggles with the English language.
by LFPham May 07, 2017
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When a person takes a dump, accidental or otherwise, the literal second their ass touches the toilet seat. Often associated with sudden/panic Diarrhoea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or just plain misfortune.

"Thank fuck! Shitdown! A second later an' I woulda fudged my drawers fo' sho' "


A: "Why you all flustered dude?"
B: "Yo man just had a shitdown, coulda been some serious shardage"
A:"Thank the Lord"
by Josh B04 March 08, 2008
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the current name for the band previously known as shinedown awarded to them ever since they started making shit music in 2015.
Wow.. that band shitdown really sucks.. i sure miss shinedown.
by b3astx February 08, 2017
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