possibly the most friggin intense racing league in existence.

Its just too bad it's not as popular in the states as it is in Europe and Asia.
Driving down a winding dirt road at 120 mph.
by Rob January 19, 2004
Short for World Rally Championship. A world wide race circuit that uses modified compact cars, that make timed checkpoint runs across open countryside. WRC is extremely popular in europe and asia. It is much lauded for it's rules which encourage auto manufacturers to produce improved cars for public purchase.
I went to the WRC checkpoint and got Claire Mole's autograph.
by 1SPectre4U January 12, 2004
World Rally Championship. Not only is it more eciting than NASCAR, but the cars actually turn right.
WRC is better than NASCAR ever will be. That is irrefutable fact.
by Ninja Disaster July 9, 2004
World Rally Championship. The most extreme sport out there. Fact. Rules have become as anti-porgress as Formula One, in that there is little to no innovation in the engineering of the cars. Group B Rallying was arguably better, it was faster because there were less rules governing the cars and so more people got killed.
I'm going to watch the WRC in Finland where the cars can jump six feet in the air.
by Ibuprofen 400mg September 9, 2006
"Who Really Cares" Can be used in AIM
123456: Im Bored
7891012: WRC
by Anyanomus November 13, 2006
WRC refering to the-Woods Road Crew-of North Babylon.I band of brothers that all came from Woods Road Elemtry School. Saddly enough all the members still reside in North Babylon remonising about the old days when there was no fear of incarsiration or jail
The WRC will allways fuck ups the DLB
by C.M. March 30, 2004
World Rally Championship -- Stupid immature racing that is only entertaining for narrow minded democrats like Ninja Disaster
Ninja Disaster loves it up the hole cause he's a democrat
by nascarman April 29, 2005