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Short for Dumb Little Buddy. (Plural is DLBs pronouced Dee El Bees). Used by parents and significant others as a pejorative description of one's friend(s) with whom one spends a significant amount of time and for whom much contempt is harbored by said parents or significant others.

Can also be used as a "Term of Endearment."
Son: My friends are picking me up to take me to see a movie.
Dad: And when will your DLBs bring you home?
by Yungoe March 29, 2017
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Dirty Little Bastard. - Someone who is dirty, little and a bastard.

The types who go around skirtchasing.
Boy, you're such a DLB.

I'm a DLB!
by DLB KING June 13, 2013
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Mill Citays (lowell) biggest and most well known Blood Gang.....
AKA 4-12-2
Them DLB niggaz walked in 500 deep!
by YG Blood October 07, 2004
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acronym for 'desperate little boy'
usually used to refer to someone who's desperate for sex
most dlbs will fuck anything that moves
"Norman, you're such a dlb, stop going for every damn girl you see."

Billy: Dude, I would totally have sex with the girl wearing that 99cent lipstick and salvation army boots
Jason: WTF? Are you insane?
Billy: Nope, I'll do anything, I'm a desperate little boy.
by SHIBAL MY LIFE November 19, 2009
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n. D.L.B.S. Stands for Delicious Little Ball of Sexy, when someone is small but sexy.
Kyle is a DLBS because he is small but oh so sexy.
by Kyle Dingman November 15, 2006
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DLB stands for Dirty Little Break.

DLB can be interpreted as a sexual interaction between two people for a short amount of time in a vast array of locations.
1. Mark: "Hey Cindy, this wedding is boring, want to go for a DLB."

2. Ashley went up to Greg while in line for a rollercoaster, "let's sneak into the staff lounge I need a DLB."
by donkeyslauuung March 22, 2017
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