Witness Protection Program: (W–P–P)

Verb: The act of hooking up with someone in secret, or with someone that you wouldn't want friends to know about. Synonym: Hollering.
e.g. (1) Jess, you didn't come out last night or return our calls, were you WPP?

Noun: The person that you are hooking up with in secret or that you wouldn’t want friends to know. Synonym: Special Friend.
e.g. (1) Michelle, does your WPP still have a girlfriend?

Adjective: Used to describe a situation, person or event in regards to hooking up in secret.
e.g. (1) Liz, tell me about the new WPP boyfriend.

Adverb: Similar to the adjective usage, this typically describes the act of how someone is being with their secret hookups.
e.g. (1) Monica, you need to stop being WPP with your ex-boyfriends.
see above for WPP examples based on part of speech
by wpp March 23, 2009
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WPP also known as "White Pussy Parade". Term associated with a non-white male who has successfully hooked up with one or multiple white women. Most commonly used in association with an ethnicity that is not known to hook up or is stereotypically unpopular with white females (e.g., Asian, Indian).
For example, "Ping likes to march in the WPP on a frequent basis".
by WPPKilla January 27, 2010
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Well-Produced Production.

Antonym of PPP.
Did you see that MTV commercial? It was a WPP.
by The Grammar Nazi December 09, 2001
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Stands for Wet Pandy Pussy... when someone works out and does not shower, giving them a disgusting aroma!

Guy #1: "Didn't you just get back from the gym dude?"

Guy #2: "Yea, I think I am going to just watch some TV."

Guy#1: "Oh, hell no dude, you'll be lying around here smelling like W.P.P.!"
by $ Money February 24, 2008
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W.P.P Stands for Wolf Paw Pack, a role play that originated on EMS after the decline of Blood Bars. It totally got smashed, and sucks MORE then the Kalantu Clan, the Roku Clan, the Shadow Hunters, and AOW. Who now pwn them and their lands.

AOWer: Well, we own your land, so evidently, YOU FAIL.
by AOWPerson. September 19, 2007
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