THE ACE OF ALL ROUNDER in KPOP. He is worth to stan, he can be a singer, comedian, mc, rapper, dancer, an owl who turn on ig live in 2AM and literally do his own concert. Yes he is worth to stan. Stan WOODZ.
"Who is teh ace of all rounder position in kpop?"
"It's absolutely WOODZ
by foxywoxyroxy November 7, 2020
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'I got bare woodz' - I have lots of weed
by Jonathan Morley June 18, 2008
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The act of issuing a invitation, receiving a response from an invitee to participate, then you ghosting them and pretending you had other plans with someone else.
Mike really Woodz Jack when he invited him to play cards online, then never follow up and the next day claimed to have a standing date with this random cousins.
by Squinzel May 28, 2020
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Deputy Ryans Sez dis when he finds dem bois campin on his private property!
Ryans: Bois Deeez r My Woodz! Day belong 2 me! dere mine! Quit campin out on my private property! Git on yer
god damn knees!Shut da fuck up bois!Suck on dis fuckin caulk!
by spazz13 November 5, 2004
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A man that has a Master's Degree in beatin up the p*ssy. A nice guy with a mean ass dick.
"I need some excitement in my life. I wonder if Dr Woodz makes house calls."

"His stroke game weak as fuck! I knew I should have called Dr Woodz!" SMH
by Kaen5150 December 19, 2016
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