Weapon of Mass Distruction - slang term used by well endowed gent when referring to his larger than average manhood
Gary threatened WMD on every MILF he could find
by Big Gazza November 18, 2005
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A parody of the phrase "whip my hair" used instead in extreme mad cunt moments such as when sluts are seen flying through the air. Extreme notation enforced of "i dont fucking care" and "omg is this guy for real" when used. Can also refer to actual whipping of a dick, which can either mean jacking off at something exceptionally hot and uberliciously sexy or getting your dick actually whipped because you've been a bad boy (take of that what you will).
1. nerd: "OMG i think i just failed that test!!"
does-not-give-a-fuck student: wmd.



*sluts crash landing*
by PACKMYSUITCASE November 30, 2010
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Weapons of Mass Dickery - Referring to someone else's dick as a Weapon of Mass Destruction because youre assuming or certain that its big. You never say out loud tho because you shouldn't be out there discussing a niggas's dick size, especially in-front of another nigga. Like lol dude what are you doing? (Created by sussus twitter niggas.)
Optimus: Man im never letting my dick out again, did end well for the last girl i pulled it out for.
Jamal: Yo niggas be having a WMD and lowkey be promoting
Optimus: We not friends nomore.


Jamal: So we was Netflix and Chilling and i decided to hit her with that my WMD...
Tumi: Get out my fucking house breh
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by svdgod June 28, 2016
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A WMD, which stands for "weapon of mouth destruction," is an enormous lip full of chewing tobacco packed by a bro whilst chaying with his bros. WMDs are even bigger than gaggers --- this shit is legit.
Me and Jackson were chayin' last night and he packed a fucking WMD, dude. Filled a whole fucking Poland Spring with dipspit.
by atforpres June 01, 2011
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abbreviation for "wagging my dick"

usually used after stating an accomplishment
told a bitch wearing a susan b anthony shirt to go make me a sandwich. #wmd

just aced that final exam. #wmd
by 164Seton March 16, 2011
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Weapon of Mass Destruction, a weapon designed to cause maximum devastation and loss of life, often referring to an explosive or chemical device.
1. Nuclear Warheads,
2. Adam's Mum.

eg. "Oh holy shit, look at those WMD!"

eg. "We believe Iraq has the capability to deploy Adam's mum within 45 minutes. This estimate includes 10 minutes getting a cheeseburger en route."
by JossC February 03, 2008
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