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A witty, cavernous lad, characterized by caffeine addiction and rad memes, est. 9/16/2001
Wow, WJS is so cavernous and cool.
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by Pbandjilly4 May 05, 2018
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When Jews Survive
The phrase is used in similar instances like when u would use "When pigs Fly"
But is used i instances that are in fact 100% impossibe as we all now pigs could possibly fly one day due to cloning and geneitc engineering
Somone:"i can run at the speed of light"
Someone else:"Yeah WJS
by Chris' June 12, 2008
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Wannabe Journalist Sociopath

An aspiring amateur journalist who is often anonymous and unfettered by any emphathy or morality who is typically opposed to all SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) who they incorrectly view as a Politically Correct Socialist Liberal threat to their own Crypto-Fascist Capitalistic Libertarianism.
Those basement dwelling misogynistic WJSs are out to harass all women out of the gaming industry under the pretence that they are resisting censorship and championing ethics in gaming journalism, when the vast bulk of them still associate themselves with the poisonous hashtag #GamerGate - a tag which was originated by actor Adam Baldwin when he unthinkingly embedded a toxic video made by the Internet Aristocrat which invoked allegations of a female developer sleeping with a Kotaku journalist in order to gain a positive review, which focused their time more on slut shaming and attempting to drive this already depressed woman to suicide instead of verifying basic facts, like any true journalist would before publication, which would have revealed that her game had been reviewed by another person she had no romantic connection with.
by Ricky Linderman June 06, 2016
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