(1) v. To place first in a competition by achieving victory

(2) n. Anything that can by synonymously defined as awesome, excellent, rad, or unexpectedly badass, Usually used in conjunction with "epic" to describe a positive event or mind-blowing occurrence.

(3) n. A word contained in the acronym FTW to describe the delivery of a specific victory/goal. Usually describes an impressive achievement.
(1) In 2010, the Saints won the Superbowl.

(2) Dude, that party last night was so epic. If feel like shit but it was still a win.

(3) And tonight, I'm banging her best friend - FTW!
by Ecbunn January 04, 2011
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win- (prefix) Added on to a word, usually a noun to describe the level of win, or awesomeness the word has.
"hey lets go to swagats. mmm win-dian"

"this chicken tiki masala has a lot of win-namon in it, mmm."
by Thenameisbam December 03, 2007
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1. the word that cannot be spoken
2. WIN is not a number. It is not a name. It is not a verb or a noun or an adjective

it is simply win

the only two people who win know who they are. i see you

hannah and mandeep
by Hannah and Mandeep August 27, 2010
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An interjection, used when something excellent happens (usually sung in falsetto).
Dude, I just got the new Weakerthans CD. Win!
by Tasty August 29, 2003
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Noun: achievement Antonym: loss
Verb: to achieve a certain goal Antonym: lose
past tense: won (Not to be confused with the South Korean currency won)
Informal contraction of computer software Windows
We need to win this game or die trying!
It was a win for both of us, because we both got what we wanted.
by what-turndown4 February 10, 2015
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