The male equivalent to Valentine's Day (February 14th), Steak n' Blowjob Day. Steak n' Blowjob Day relates to couples participating in the consumption of steak (mainly medium rare) and the female giving the male a blowjob for a minimum of 6 minutes (traditional countdown from mesoamerican holiday).
Bary: "Hey Martha! It's March 14th!"
Martha: "Bary you're a sick fuck, I'm getting a divorce"
Bary: *unzips pants furiously* "Get to suckin'!"
by McJazzerVEVO October 23, 2019
The day SpongeBob reclaimed the Crown saved the Bikini Bottom, Mr. Krabs, and King Neptune from Plankton and his “lemon scented” Plan Z.
Bikini Bottom citizen: praise be to SpongeBob for __ years ago, on March 14th he saved us all!!
by Jskajxn May 17, 2019
People born on March 14th can accomplish anything they put there mind to.
by Laya Mae January 17, 2021
The day the world went to shit in the year 2020.

The year my birthday ruined the world
Guy 1: Whoa, look at what today is!
Guy 2: It's March 14th, that clusterfuck of a kid's birthday!
Guy 1: Wasn't it their unlucky 13th?
Guy 2: Talk about Unlucky
by Acornpupp June 22, 2021
The specific day in “Spongebob Squarepants” in which Plankton rips a page of a calendar and tells that it is the day that Mr. Krabs “fries”.
Plankton: “Sorry about this calendar”(Plankton rips a page of a calendar) “March 14th! Wait, that’s not right? It should say the day that Krabs fries!”
by Cup O’ Fluff November 10, 2019
Sorry about this calendar. March 14th, that doesnt seem right, it should say THE DAY THAT KRABS FRIES!
by SidneyPlankton August 5, 2018
Slap a girl named madison day have fun
March 14th is slap a madison day slap her hurry
by My cat is cuter then your October 26, 2019