Genesis of WD-40 "Water Displacement 40th attempt. Successful" As stated years ago by a representative of the manufacturer on CNBC. Comes directly from the procedural notes of the experimenters and how they referred to the final formula, which indeed does displace and protect against moisture.
Apparently the previous 39 formula attempts were not charted as successful.
City dwellers rely on Duct Tape & WD 40,
ranchers rely on Barbed Wire & Spit.
by Brandli April 22, 2007
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To wine and dine a lady in high hopes of lubricating dat pussy.
Yo girl, let me WD-40 ya.
by thejoshums December 22, 2015
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The oily substance found in a alumim can labeled 'WD-40' with Blue/Yellow drawings present.
I shook up the can of WD-40 and sprayed it in the Dr. evil Mengels eyes!
by Deathboy Chowderhead February 09, 2003
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1. an oily lubricant to get rid of friction in between pieces of metal
2. nickname for someone suffering fromwhiskey dick
Did you guys see WD-40 on Friday night, he needs to pop the blue pill
by C-Red February 17, 2004
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1 A oil that lubricates (lol lubricate)

2 Sweet Flammable Shit i use to torch gay action figures like GI JOE, Power Rangers, or any other queer piece of plastic i can melt :)

It lights up real nice n fast and it burns like a thousand corpses melting in hell :D
1 doors creaking, put some WD-40 on it

by sickminded September 27, 2004
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Term of derision about a certain individual who shall remain nameless. When the subject of a social occasion or gathering is mentioned, the individual manages to come up with multiple reasons why they cannot partake. Such excuses are usually comical in nature and in most cases are the result of the limited social aspirations of said individual. The number 40 is in reference to the quantity of excuses used to weasel out of any social event.
"Not coming to the (insert name of venue here), the pizza I ate for lunch didn't agree with me."
"Not coming to the (insert name of venue here) Charmed is on TV later."
by Anon September 30, 2004
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can be used interchangeably with "lit"
"Hey Todd, how's the party?" "WD-40. Come ASAP."
"Dude last night was WD-40"
by Koshbish September 10, 2017
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