White Anglo Saxon Atheist

also White Anglo Saxon Agnostic
Probably one third of the kids in my class as well as several of the teachers could more or less be described as being WASA
by dumptrux December 7, 2006
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Weighted Average Sexual Age. The weighted average age of a person's sexual partners.

Calculated as the sum of (Age of partner x Number of sexual intercourses with partner) for all sexual partners.

It is expected that a cool adult male's WASA be less than his age.

An adult female's WASA should be 5-10% higher than her age.
Wade's WASA is massive....over 30! He loves his MILFs.
by JA1985 October 26, 2010
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new way of asking what's up, inspired my Carlos from bitconnect.
wasa wasa wasa wasa wasa wasaaaaa bitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeect!
by UndatedRocket February 25, 2018
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Someone who WAS from the neighborhood and forgot where he/she came from.
"He is a Wasa Wasa. Grew up in the hood, but now lives in the upper scale neighborhood, and acts like he doesn't know anybody for his past, and forgot his roots."

Wasa Wasa alguien de la comunidad, pero ahora no pasa.
by LFXVEH August 20, 2011
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He hangs around wasa-wasas too much, thats why he cant dance.
by A-diddy January 15, 2008
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A word, used as a substitute adjective for whatever meaning the speaker may decree. The future of all words.
"Did you see that movie the other night, man?" " Totally, dude! It was so totally wasa!"

"What do you want to make for dinner tonight, hun?" "Hm..I'm not sure. As long as its wasa, I'll be happy"

"Are you up for another round tonight, buddy? Its gonna be rad!" "No man...I am wasa'd out...Maybe next time"
by JelSock May 18, 2011
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another way of saying "what's up" or "oh hey"
Dainton has connected.
Dainton has joined the channel.
Andos: ey wasa wasa
Dainton: oh hey
Dainton: not much, you?
by Andos November 5, 2007
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