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Generally a skinny girl with weird shaped legs. Daintons often have lots of moles and freckles on their tonsils. They try to attract very good looking people but they are so self centered and often fail. Daintons also have very stringy hair usually bleached in color so its stringy and straw like. Daintons are annoying people
Is that a Dainton girl over there?
Ya I think it is. Look at the stringy hair and moles
by Alexnani September 14, 2018
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Incompetent, but worse. Where incompetent people might do half a job, doing a dainton will make things worse.
Guy 1 : I gave him one simple job, and now it's totally fucked up.

Guy 2 : haha. Dainton


Guy 1 : Our IT is so shit. It just updated and now it's all Dainton.

Term used in. Australia
by BobbyLong June 13, 2017
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