slang for a IV injection of a street drug
I did a fat wap of speed and rushed for 30 minutes

Hey you got any cleans so I can do a wap?
by CFock December 12, 2008
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"Aww man, I played that bitch like a flute, and then we went to the backroom and she gave me the most redic waps I ever had."
by Waps May 29, 2006
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Short form of wapanese. A caucasian who tries to emulate Japanese culture.
That wap ran out of tissues from masturbating to anime all day.
by 50 cent crack dealer August 07, 2003
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racial or racist trem against those of italian decent. wap stood for the stamping on the boats used to transport the italian immigrants that had no paperwork. wap stood for: "without any papers". the name didnt really stick though is used at times. not really frowned on but not a good idea to use it with malice.
"what do you want to have written on your gravestone you dumb wap?"
by Fixxxer22 October 22, 2006
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Worship and prayer 100% πŸ˜€
Im going to do WAP in front of my class πŸ˜ƒ
by Tabs_4264 September 07, 2020
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Apparently wet-ass pussy but more appropriate would be wide-ass pussy
Cardi b has such a wap she flooded the whole house... get a gynaecologist quick!
by Jus sayin’ August 28, 2020
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