A person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.
by Skaery December 13, 2005
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Someone who likes watching someone have sex with their partner
by James March 11, 2003
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a person that likes to watch other people engage in sexual acts
dude i love watchin my exgirlfriend through her window havin sex
by jake June 19, 2004
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The act of watching any personal act, including sexual acts.

I love watching strangers have sex. I'm way into voyeurism!
by jessica_pfox September 7, 2006
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A song by the band blink 182 where it describes a boy who follows a girl to her house, hides in her tree day and night watching her change.
The word itself describes one who gets sexually aroused by hiding and spying on a couple ad/or 1 person who is doing somthing sexualy arousing.
Guy 1: dude! me and my girlfriend fucked for like 5 hours straight on saturday!

Guy 2: I know, and i'm the voyeur that got it all on camera and put it online this morning!
by vinnieT7 July 28, 2008
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An obsessive observer, typically of sordid or otherwise sensational subjects.
That voyeur of your firend is peeping through the keyhole!
by flc March 18, 2005
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a person who enjoys watching others have sex. claire caplan.
sarah michelson was having sex and claire caplan watched, like a voyeur.
by tessorama May 6, 2008
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