Commonly used among internet geeks and gamers: To agree with someone on a point.
Guy 1: yo dude that movie was so crap
Guy 2: vouch
by Asdaftw January 7, 2009
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In terms of competitive gaming, a vouch is a form of request to join a hub, a league or an inhouse in order to play with other players in a different enviroment compared to a public matchmaking of any multiplayer videogame; regardless of their skill and availability and sometimes toxicity-free.
This is the UD Inhouse League. In order to join the hub, you must make a vouch request with the following information:

Game (DOTA 2, CS:GO, Rocket League, Overwatch)
Experience playing the game
40-50% winrate
Tournaments played (optional)
And good attitude

If one of the mentioned info are not present, it will be rejected.
by gabbothefox November 8, 2017
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The term, "Vouch" means that a person likes something that has good capabilities and workings. Often the term has been used in V3rmillion.
V3RM User: Ayo this good! Im gonna give this a vouch!
Thread maker: Thank you too!
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To seek for, or actively partake in the usage of punani. Frequently refers to wanton over a 6+ age year gap
"Gee i wish i could vouch Kayla"
"Bruv i would vouch it senseless"
by pompey100 August 15, 2009
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Vouch is a word brainless normies use to agree with other brainless normies.
Brainless Normie 1: haha ok boomer funny stinky hahaahaha
Brainless Normie 2: vOucH


Fortnite Gamer: yO, iF i doNt jOiN fAzE sOon iMmA go NuCLeaR
9 year old Fortnite Player: vOuch. now please add me on epik games
by oShots on YT December 19, 2019
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To cover up or to look out for one another.
Guy: Yo! You guys should totally follow my cousin on Insta.
Girl: Psst..why is this dude always vouching for his homies? Don't they got enough swag?
by wes_lee279 March 14, 2019
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