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A devious plot in which Republicans try to prevent those who are likely to support the Democratic

party from voting. Usual targets are African Americans, the poor, and the elderly.
Voter Suppression in Alabama works like this; first they require a state issued ID to vote, then they close all the drivers license stations in the 31 counties that have a black majority.
by Just_sayin' October 09, 2016
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A strategy in which Republicans are trying to prevent people who might oppose them from voting, typically the poor, elderly and minorities. Usually they will claim they are just trying to stop voter fraud even though there is no evidence that that has been a problem
In Texas as part of their Voter Suppression program a concealled carry permit can be used as an ID to vote, but a student ID from one of their state colleges does not count, it's pretty obvious who they're trying to stop from voting.
by Republican$$uck November 24, 2013
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Moonbat code for legal efforts in stopping Leftists from allowing felons, illegal aliens and dubious personages like ASDF JKL;, QWERTY, Mickey Mouse and the dead from voting.
Prima: I am sorry but you are clearly not Mickey Mouse.
Secunda: That's voter suppression.
Prima: No, it's not; you are clearly not a 6 foot tall, bipedal rodent with big, round ears.
Secunda: RACIST!


Prima: You're a convicted felon. You are not allowed to vote.
Secunda: That's voter suppression!
Prima: No, that is the law.
Secunda: RACIST!
by freetothink2008 October 20, 2008
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