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The most amazing water in the world. Its from norway which makes it 5 million times better!! It sound fucking fancy too.
Fuck i'm thirsty servent go fetch me a voss.
by spencer hastings November 30, 2013
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A very wonderful family. All in it are atractive. Good drinkers, and maybe smokers. The Voss family is always down for a party and are great hosts. They like to keep feelings and such to themselves, but if you date one and are lucky enough they may let you in. Highly caring and smart people. Best people to be in love with.

Usually people will mess up and put Boss, Hoss and or Ross.
Rick: Dude I walked in and the whole Family looked like a Voss!
Jon: Dude you're soo lucky! I wish my girlfriends family looked like a Voss,
by OhyaKno2point0 November 08, 2009
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A really hot guy that is handsome and has an extremely LARGE penis.

Also a term for an erotic man that ladies would love to have their way with.

Did you see that Voss? I'd like to beat his dick like it owes me money and then cum all over his face!
by Blue Eyes 4253 March 30, 2009
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Is a person like no other, Very inteligent, spare the moment type who attracts any and all to her.
she is very Voss. Voss.
by hybird solidus October 27, 2009
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any epic, ground shatteringly awesome, awe-inspiring, win composed, or blindingly cool thing. Also an extreme version of the word boss.
Ray: " See that movie that came out called boobs and firepower?"
Carl: " Yeah bro, it was pretty voss."
by limmy bardin April 09, 2011
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The greatest homemade device used for smoking illegal or random ass substances. Made by two great masterminds, CB & TT. It's life was cut short by an amazing night at IK's house but its great times and memories will never be forgotten.
Pass the Voss you silly bitch.


Voss fucked us up tonight bro.
by Used it in Target parking lot December 02, 2006
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someone who acts like a pussy. the opposite of hoss.
Everyone who lives at 189 Spartan St. is a fuckin voss!
by Hay April 17, 2005
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