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"Voot" is an exclamation, originally seen written in email or on Usenet (now in web-forums).

It means joy, pride, accomplishment, or, most often, sudden gain.
VOOT! I just got married!

VOOT -- check out this deal I found!

VOOT! I win!!

VOOT! I'm a total brain!
by OldUncleMe May 07, 2009
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A girl who is s hot she makes you jizz before you even get a boner...
Man that girl is such a VOOT!! I just creamed myself before i could get a boner.
by GingahNingah! October 30, 2010
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While in a motor vehicle, getting the better of someone else in their motor vehicle. Inversely while in your motor vehicle someone else in a motor vehicle gets the better of you.

Voot is a vehicle fuck.
Someone cuts you off and you miss your exit on the highway. You just got vooted. AKA: You just got fucked :)

You manage to grab that last parking space just before the other person gets there. You vooted him.
by Paul Best May 16, 2007
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the sound your phone makes when it vibrates on a solid surface
I'ma get a call back from that interview any day.

voot voot voot voot.

Oh shit its them!
by CaptainStumpy July 10, 2008
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Something is cute that you can hardly contain yourself. Makes you feel like its so cute you could squeeze it until it's head pops off. Other reaction are grinding of the teeth.
OMG that kitten is so small and fluffy I just want to squeeze it forever...that give me voot!
by Leaha and Sara July 31, 2008
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Vaginal toot. A female friendly form of the word queef.
contessa voot'd during a passionate love making session. it was cute. it was a "voot"
by cunningCuNT July 09, 2010
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Boots that are used only for the purpose of kicking a female in her vagina
I’m gonna kick Breanna with my voots if she gives it up to one more football player

My sister is hoeing around, it’s time to go cop the voots
by MegaFaggot and RoboBitch October 19, 2018
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