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A person who is referred to as being sweet, kind, outgoing social butterfly who knows how to have a good time, really knows how to fuck, gives great blows and likes to explore her adventurous side, is really athletic. Has great handwriting and loves to get drunk and have sex. She is a great girlfriend to have but she doubts her self a lot. Her orgasms are heavenly and she has an ass. She has an ass that you want to grab and stare at all the time. She loves oral. She is a great person to talk to and gives great advice. She is a hopeless romantic. Every guy wants her but doesn't want anyone to know.
Bill: Was your girl a Volta in bed?
Theo: She was so a Volta last night!
by Watermelondrea06 June 17, 2016
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volta: italian physicist created the volt system, and named it.

also a river in central ghana
volta invented the volt

we kayaked the volta's rapids
by jack March 12, 2005
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