Vojvodina is a autonomous province in northern Serbia, much more stable then Kosovo is (Kosovo is a Province in South Serbia, see definition of 'Kosovo'). Slavs settled Vojvodina in the 6th and 7th centuries, and in the 9th century, Salan and Glad, Bulgarian dukes ruled over the region, And in the 11th century was ruled by other dukes called Ahtum and Sermon. In 1283 the Serbian King, Stefan Dragutin ruled Vojvodina and then his son Vladislav II in 1316 and then the Hungarians did after Serbia was conquered by the Ottomen Empire. During the 1800s Vojvodina was absorbed into Austria-Hungary until then end of World War One when Austria-Hungary collapsed. on November 24 1918, the Assembly of Srem (a distict in Vojvodina) proclaimed the union of Srem with Serbia. And on November 25, the Assembly of Serbs, Bunjevci, and other nations of Vojvodina in Novi Sad proclaimed the union of Vojvodina (Banat, Baèka, and Baranja) with the Kingdom of Serbia. And then on December 1, 1918, Vojvodina bacame part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes later named Yugosalvia in 1929, and then Serbia and Montenegro in 1992.
Vojvodina has many disticts which are:
West Baèka okrug
North Baèka okrug
South Baèka okrug
North Banat okrug
Central Banat okrug
South Banat okrug
Srem okrug
The Largest city of Vojvodina is Novi Sad.

There are many different ethnic groups in Vojvodina:
Majority Serb with 65%
And then Hungarian with 15%
And 20% is other which consists of:
Slovaks 2.79%
Croats 2.78%
Yugoslavs 2.45%
Montenegrins 1.75%
Romanians 1.50%
Macedonians 0.58%
Ukrainians 0.23%
by Komoninos October 6, 2005
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It is an autonomous province of serbia which is having enough of it all and thinks to separate from shity serbia , it's main city is Novi Sad and in future will be the capital of Vojvodina. This is part of the breakup of serbia.
Gordon Brown escaped to Vojvodina.
by Heartbeat2 November 16, 2012
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Usually refers to a very based Serb-Romanian. The urban legend can often be found in the most obscure Yugoslav servers. Experts say if you find him you will be blessed with permanent luck (unless you are a muslim). His theme songs are "Komunjare" and "Tata". World's top scientists indicate the fact that if he concentrates all of his power he can leave Hungarian women on a 250 mile radius pregnant with twins (which will be 100% romanian btw)! He was refused entry in the USA because his biceps were considered weapons of mass destruction. He can drain all of Middle East's oil in one snap of a finger!
"I hope one day I will be like Robert!"
"I heard naša vojvodina is responsible for Srebrenica."
"Hi Robert, how's it going? All good, I'm at the 5th liberated town in Srpska today!"
"My grandpa told me a story about naša vojvodina (robert)!"
by robert himself November 22, 2021
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