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Vitamin N is short for nootropics. Vitamin N often causes short term to medium term to even long term cognitive enhancement. Some nootropics increase brain size. Some nootropics enhance the function of neurons and rebuilds the dendritic spines and even boost it to higher levels. Some nootropics affect neuroreceptors. Some are wakefulness enhancers. Some psychedelics in low doses(like microdosing LSD or 2C-D) are nootropics. There are dozens of subcategories and hundreds and hundreds of nootropics. It's unclear whether stimulants fall under the nootropics category.
Bob: I took some vitamin N and studied for hours.

Steve: What was it?

Bob: It was modafinil and phenylpiracetam. Vitamin N rules!

Steve: I need vitamin N too. My brain feels sluggish.
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by CognitiveFuel September 02, 2016
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A non-existing vitamin source;
"N" derived from "Nicotine";
A word created by Shinosuke, me.
<Shinosuke> Shit, I feel so weak..
<Person1> Why? What happened?
<Shinosuke> My body is lacking of Vitamin N... I'm all shaky..
<Person1> Huh? Vitamin N?
<Shinosuke> N! For Nicotine!!
* Shinosuke goes away from his computer and goes out to grab a pack of cigs.
by Shinosuke May 12, 2004
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