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The man, the f*cking man.
W0wxx0rz!!! Visk is teh pwn!!!
by ODB June 29, 2003
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omniscient being, capable of extreme pwnage.
yo dawg, that homeboy Visk totally r0xx0rz j00r b0xx0rz!!!
by Visk Roadie May 14, 2003
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visk - someone who thinks that he is a dead sexy male dancer
by Anonymous July 06, 2003
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Noun: a mutant

A mutation that unifies human, sloth and blob. Usually happens after multiple handles of alcohol are consumed. This mutation makes this person believe that they are looked at like they have Vast, incredible system knowledge of anything they ramble about. V.I.S.K. for short.
A Droopy faced, lazy, waste of space human who growls and snarls at any act of work because it is so wasted from the gallon of hard liquor he drank 5 minutes before work. It thinks it speaks clear and concise English but it comes out sounding like A mix of Taz and Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes. It looks like Corky from Life goes on in appearance. Usually found with a diet coke, coke Zero or a handle of any brand of alcohol 80 proof or above and addicted to cheap cigarettes.

Found to originate from Mass-hole-topia, This creature is off it's rocker, known to drop Harley's at random, This creature is dangerous. It will talk more shit than it can personally handle and force you to want to whoop it's ass. Be smarter that IT. It's merely a trap so this creature can feel victimized and actually try to gain self worth!

I repeat Don't whoop it's ass. It sucks the life force out of all alcohol establishments and the people around it!

It also rants on Facebook under heavy influence of alcohol.

This person is acting like a visk. That's not normal for human beings. Tell that that human to evolve and not act like the visk.
by Sillyrabbitimalion December 16, 2013
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A type of test tube used in science. Also a method used to make cakes, abit like whisking.
Q. How do scientist's bake cakes?
by Beth_123 June 13, 2008
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Detrital larmo
The two pebbles lay near the visk that covered the floor of the bay
by allgood over September 22, 2003
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