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Name Vishwa generally means Earth or World or Universe.

Vishwa was beautiful and intelligent. He/She is fun and a genuine friend. To strangers they may seem quite but with friends they are crazy.

When it comes to being lovers, they are strong but sensitive at the same time. They can be super flirty and best in bed. They may be easily attracted to people but will easily realise they are not the one.
She is such a vishwa!
by bob3091409813 November 30, 2013
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Vishwa is a man. Vishwa is such a man that he once pissed on a blind man's eyes and he regained sight. Vishwa can eat nails and wood and poop birdhouses. Vishwa is King Leonidas. Vishwa is such a man he killed a elephant....with his gaze. Vishwa went to the Virgin Islands and when he left, they were the Islands.
Dude that Vishwa guy could kick Gaurav's ass.
by JudgeOfGreed January 10, 2008
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Vishwa is a term associated to the biggest flops of the pokemon community. They may hold many giveaways over their Twitter, but in the end they will always end up a flop. The community shuns them, and no one ever participates in their RGTS (reverse global trade system). Additionally, if anyone in the community tries to RGTS a Luvdisc, they are instantly awarded the title of Vishwa. The title of Vishwa is also awarded for people sending Luvdiscs over wonder trade. Overall, do not associate with a Vishwa or you will be shunned as well.
I received a Luvdisc from the Wonder Trade. That person is a total Vishwa.
by Not a Mega March 20, 2015
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a person who can't understand that he got dumped. Not completely confirmed to be a man, a vishwa will cry about it's life for all eternity, hoping to one day grow out of it's vagina... into a minuscule 2-inch penis
Man... that vishwa is such a pussy... (insert gender) needs to grow a penis... cuz a vishwa can never get laid
by yo mama2 November 05, 2007
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