A puke virgin is someone who hasn't ever puked after drinking till today. Puke Virginity is lost when you ( guy or girl, man or woman, child or animal ) puke for the first time after drinking too much alcohol. Applicable to beer(water) too, but only if you're less than 18 years of age, you pussy. Applicable to wine if you haven't hit puberty yet.

In short it is also referred to as PV. PVs can be lost only once in a lifetime.
Bro 1: Dude, I've never puked after drinking so much. EVERRRRRRRRRR !!!!

My capacity is as big as my calves are, just look at these monsters of beauty.

Bro 2: Hell YEAHHHH !!.

Bro 1: *Pukes like a 2nd grader after drinking too much milk* *puke x 4*

Bro 2: WoaHHH, You totes lost your puke virginity bro.



Villager: I've got this. I've chugged 2 cows in 30 seconds before.


Villager: *pukes into glass* Here's your kingfisher.

Bro x: Dude, he totes lost his puke virginity.
by NightBlindness May 09, 2015
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Someone that hasn't done anything intimate like a first kiss, first relationship, first anything.
Wait your a pure virgin!?!?
by x_NOVA_x July 04, 2015
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Someone who's never smoked anything in their entire life, not even cigarettes.
Guy1: *Smokin'pot* "Want a hit, yo?"

Guy2: "Uh, sure." *Takes a hit*


Guy1: "Hahaha, Virgin Lung!"
by Jüdenhasser October 03, 2010
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synonym for horny bc we don’t like the h word
I’m seeing him tomorrow and I’m feeling super non-virginal”
by ur b1tch May 27, 2020
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Virgin Pass Aka owning Ark Mobile. You can give it to your Friend who plays Ark Mobile and is on multiple Server. But he has Virgin Pass+ when he always Follow and likes every girl he sees on Tiktok
Look at Konstantin he has Ark Mobile
*Hands Virgin Pass
by Blacknaid December 04, 2020
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A person who has been vaguely exposed to sex, drugs, profanities and doesnt have a tight grasp on reality.
by Elena February 28, 2005
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The blessing of having not touched the opposite gender romantically in your entire life. For example; hand holding, caressing, and god forbid sex.

Terms and Conditions.
1. Family members (up to cousins) do not count.
2. Homies do not count.
3. If one is involuntarily touched by another person and that person showed affection that constitutes as rape and therefore it does not count and you keep your touch virginity.
4. If you touch-rape someone you lose your touch virginity, but not the person you touched.
5. If you are sus (gay) if you touch the gender you are attracted to, you lose your touch virginity.
6. Having your touch virginity is the most honorable status known to man
Bob: Bro, I lost my touch virginity last night to a keymale!
Joe: Disgusting.
by TouchVirgin January 27, 2020
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