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A virgin who instead of getting laid decided to play Fortnite like a damn religion
Micheal is such a Fortnite-Virgin he will never get laid.
by Thiccccccccccc Boi May 24, 2018
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Someone who plays Fortnite and follows those gay Fortnite accounts on instagram. These people also comment โ€œI think itโ€™s time for a default dance...โ€ These kids also buy every OG skin that returns to the shop. They also watch Ninja (aka the biggest fortnite virgin, I bet jess hasnโ€™t even popped his cherry yet)
That kid is using a Soccer skin? What a fortnite virgin!

Man I fucking hate fortnite virgins who sweat their asses off. I wish they all died in real life.
by Moe Lester January 18, 2019
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