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A form of gang initiation commonly used in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and sometimes seen in East New York. Initiates will, sometimes unknowingly, smoke a blunt filled with a mixture of marijuana, PCP, and salvia. This creates a series of intense hallucinations, and often times users report feelings of being totally removed from reality. It is such an intense experience that initiates can experience psychological difficulties after coming down from the trip including anxiety, PTSD, and even psychosis. After the villy has worn off, the initiate is held down and a mark is either tattooed or engraved into their face, typically under the left eye. The mark given depends on the initiating group, the most common being three dots in a triangle formation given by Crip sets. Others include V's, A's, and block triangles in the same area.

The use of this initiation is relatively recent and very dangerous. It should not be attempted by anyone, as overdoses can easily occur.

The name is obviously derived from the combination of "Ville" and "Philly", a common brand of blunt wrap.
"That dude took one hit off a villy and went to another world, son."
by BeastKosta February 02, 2015
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a different term for 'villain'
person1 - Cari keeps flirting with my boyfriend.
person2 - She's a lil fucking villy.
by FORGIVEMEology August 06, 2007
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The best fucking girl!!!!!!!!
she also Bulgarian which is awsome...look up Bulgaria and you'll know what i mean and look that Iana i Villy wrote it.
Wooah it's Villy...i wanna be like her!!! =)
by Ianaforever22 March 27, 2005
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the word villy is a common term, derived from the colloquial term 'willy'. it is used mostly in the region of south perth, western australia, and means willy in german. the singular of villy is villae.
i'm going upstairs to play with my villy.
by ollllllllllllllllllllly April 16, 2010
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