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Ianas are awesome
Ianas are often very pretty and tall for their age
Ianas are often confusing
Ianas are extremely random and annoying sometimes, but are very nice people
Ianas are often good musicians

see awesomeness
Hot Guy: Hey, who's that girl that looks and very pretty and tall for her age but confusing?

Hot Guy #2: That must be a Iana!

Hot Guy: I bet she must be a good musician.
by iloveroberta October 22, 2009
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Can be really shy and seems like a brat but once you get to know her shes really funny and crazy also is super smart
Look over there. Shes so shy and is super smart.

Oh she must be an Iana.
by Jackie bryan September 24, 2018
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Colloquial abbreviation for: 'I am not a....'.

Often followed by a technical profession like lawyer, doctor, computer programmer, scientist or engineer.
IANA lawyer, but you could be charged with assault.
by WmPitcher May 22, 2018
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