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Vilde is a norwegian, female name. It is a shortened version of "Alvilde" or "Alvhilde" which is an old, norse name that means "Battle of the elves".

Girls/women with this name are generally awesome. They are extremely intelligent and can kill people by using their brain waves on them. They are also very, very hot and beautiful. If you looked at the list of the best people that has ever lived, then Jesus would be in the first place, and then there would be tons and tons of Vilde on the rest of the list.

If you meet someone with this name, the proper greeting is to kneel in front of her and kiss the her shoes. If the Vilde thinks that you are cool, then she will nod and say "bróđir" (which is Icelandic for brother) or "systir" (which is Icelandic for sister), depending on what gender you are. If the Vilde does not like you, then she will instantly dick kick you or cunt punt you, this also depending on what gender you are.
"Man, I wish my name was Vilde."

"I met a Vilde last night, and damn, I think I fell in love!"
by ShinyShoes February 10, 2010
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One of the nicest, most sweetest girls you'll probably ever meet. She is insanely beautiful, but refuses to acknowledge that about herself. She is so kind, caring, thoughtful and adorable that you just want to hug the crap out of her most of the time. She likes to embarrass people by complimenting them, but of course she hates it when it comes to her. She always thinks you're mocking her or making fun of her, when in reality you just like to tease her like that, because she makes it so damn easy. There is no one like her in this entire world, and if you're lucky enough to know her, she probably means the world to you.
Vilde is so hard to pronounce.
Confidence, Vilde.
by youwishbetch December 02, 2011
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Vilde is a norwegian name.

Girls who has these names are mostly blond. They are not the kind of ''stupid'' blondes though.

They are extremely independent and smart girls.

Vilde can come in all types of body shapes and face, but no matter how much you try to hate someone like her, you can't.

She is straight up adorable anyways.
''Vilde, that girl is mine.''
''Hey, Vilde!''
''wow you are kind of pretty, vilde.''
by yourereallycute August 18, 2018
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Vilde is a girl. But no normal girl. She is the most special girl you will ever meet. When you see her, all you want to do is to hug the shit out of her. She is the most adorable and cute girl in the entire existence, and you will forever love her.

If you haven't met a Vilde, you should probably do right now because she can change your life. You will totally fall in love with her.

She is insanely pretty, and she is DAMN GORGEOUS! If she does ever get angry, she does get really angry. You should never hurt a girl like her. Treat her with respect and a lot of love. Vilde is that girl that doesn't care about what others say about her. No one even does say anything bad about her because she is so kind.

Vilde girls mostly have blond hair. Maybe she is a big girl or a small girl. Whatever she is, she is perfect. And people around her supports her and try to do anything to make her day. She creates happiness around everyone, and her happiness goes through others emotions. She loves you, and you have to love her too. <3
''I love Vilde. She is so KIND!''

''Why does vilde has to be so perfect?''

''Wow, Vilde looks stunning today!''
''Damn, Vilde is fkn hot. ;)''
by vjfljfkflkfjjilkj99 June 13, 2018
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