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Keila comes from Hebrew origins, (but also English, depending on spelling differences, and is mostly known to mean, "Citadel", as in a stronghold or fortress in a city, but has also been related to "Like God", as it is the Latin feminine form of Michael.

-Keila is a Godly woman, who loves God with all her heart. She is the most exquisitely beautiful, breathtaking, OUT OF THIS WORLD, angelic, drop dead gorgeous girl you know. However, Keila's beauty is only a plus to the fun-loving, intelligent, caring, generous, delightful, and vivacious personality that makes her SO incredible, and makes YOU go crazy, go out of your mind, literally skip a heartbeat.

-Keila is wholly delightful to be with; every second is mesmerizing. Nothing else matters. Life is refreshing again. You could die right then, and be the happiest, most content man in the world.
Who's my dream girl you ask? Keila of course! I literally could not dream up someone better; Thank you God, for Keila.
by RAW1989 August 14, 2011
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the best person in the world. Friendly and lovely. A woman in which you can trust everything. She is always there for you to give you a hand. Keila is so pretty and she has a lot of men behing her.
Fulanita thinking.. i have a lot of problems but nobody can help me.
Fulanita mind... hey dude there is keila just give her a call.
by melbee April 15, 2009
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A bitch who has a fish named frank and watches pewdiepie
Hey keila just got a fortnite win ...said no one
by Fornitenoobttv March 30, 2019
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A bitch who has a fish name frank and has a fish named frank
Hey Keila just won a game of fornite...said no one
by Fornitenoobttv March 30, 2019
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A girl who never takes responsibility for her actions and when she apologizes boys know its fake because she always has to get her way. Also she is always assuming that ur suspect because she isn't allowed to use ur phone. She also doesn't like to listen to when other people are telling her about what she does wrong. She also beings it back on u whenever u talk about her. She is also the most beautiful loving girl you will ever meet but don't cross her because she will find u. She is a great kisser and loves touching your dick when she's in the mood. Always hold her hand or she will get sad. make sure you watch out because she is scary but has no tux
Keila thinks she's the shit watch out
Keila coming watch what u say
that my girl Keila
by DaMilExclusive May 09, 2019
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Keila is a fake ass hoe with a big ass nose and a lot of ance. She thinks she’s the shit when she is shit not the shit. She only has nice eyes. She is not likeable or loveable or kind. These definitions are wrong. Pray to God that you never meet Keila. She abandons her friends. She is two-faced. She wears the same ugly ass camo jacket everyday. I don’t know how she has a boyfriend but he is a retard and I think they both have autism. She is a hoe always trying to show that she has an ass when she doesn’t. She hates when hates when she doesn’t get her own way. She is like a mini Regina George. SHE IS A FAKE ASS SNAKE.
Girl 1: Oh, I want to be friends with Keila
Girl 2: Let’s not make the biggest mistake of our lives.
by Maylin February 15, 2018
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