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Viktoria is probably the prettiest and most smart girl you could possibly meet. She is really dirty minded and freaky, but she is a keeper. She is a very fun person to play around with too. She is also a very loveable person. Viktoria is really sexy too. Viktoria is also very well known.
Person 1: OMG look at that hot girl!

Person 2: She is sooo pretty...
Person 3: I love her style!
Person 4: I wanna be friends with her.
Person 5: I heard that her name is Viktoria.
by Your mom😂💀 March 20, 2018
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A sexy, beautiful girl and a loyal friend. She is especially smart and sexy in the way she walks. She lights up any room and makes people swoon. Her hair as soft as a baby kitten and she smells like a rose garden. Never loose this special girl with a k.
That viktoria is so hot.
by Annon1234565432123456 August 22, 2014
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Ishe watched all the peisodes of janny
SHe is defo a viktoria and not a scarlett
by 2374828758293handjfhewskejew February 23, 2017
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Most phenomenal woman ever! Quirky in her own little way! Which adds very much to the incredible person she is. Very sincere open and honest, making her a true and valuable friend! A pleasure to know and have known. If you know a ViKtoria, do not loose this woman! She is a blessing to have in you life! Never a dull moment!and remember Viktoria with a K!
Queen Viktoria! And a beautiful Swedish maiden!
by loulouie February 10, 2010
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Me: yo viktoria is so hot and smart and amazing and amazing and phenomenal and amazing and poli- uhm amazing ;)
Viktoria: no jessica
via giphy
by i want to die heeheeee April 30, 2019
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A shy, kind girl that talks to much but you can’t get enough of. She is a bit self-conscious but undoubtedly gorgeous.

She is someone you don’t want to lose and someone you should cherish
Guy 1: Who was that?
Guy 2: That was Viktoria, my bestfriend.
Guy 1: Don’t lose her!
by coochiemuncherrr August 20, 2019
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A viktoria is a person who is highly unintelligent.

The word is usually used for those who are asking frequently about lame and very easy stuff.
"Sorry, but what is the answer to this question??"
"Well, usually 2 + 2 gets 4. Are you sure you aren't a viktoria?
by FatManGoneWild January 21, 2011
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